Music Bingo

Music Bingo Was already taken…So we call it Extreme Bingo!!

New From Feel The Beat Entertainment, It’s EXTREME BINGO!

It’s not the same ole….. Bingo….. It’s Bingo with a Kick!

Karaoke? Been There. Done That.

Trivia? Cheaters, Same Questions… It’s been done.

Why is it Extreme?

We Have several different ways to play Bingo!

The Most Popular is:

Name That Tune Bingo! – We play popular song clips mixed in with factoids about each song!  From TV themes to the latest hit songs – we’ve got them all! Everyone sings along and your Bingo host will add some fun interaction to the game. Categories like – Elvis Hits, 80’s Ladies, One Hit Wonders plus many more fun categories! Watch out for Spontaneous dancing too!

Other Fun Options:

Picture Bingo – We show a picture on the screen(s) and if you have the picture, you mark it off!  We don’t just show the picture, we also supply humor and facts about the person in the picture and we ask the crowd trivia questions as we interact with them!

Name The Album – It gets even more fun when we play a song clip and you have to know the album – we’ll give you some hints!

EVERY GAME is different and our Bingo Hosts are interactive and add fun, and factoids, dancing, and foot tapping to the fun!

A Brand New Style Of Bingo!

Above is an example of a “Beatles” Bingo card!

Great Music! Not only do we play the song, but the Music Bingo host will add factoids about the song, the artist, talk about the year it was released and what else was going on that time the song was popular.  We encourage the participants to also share facts about that year too!

We Bring The Fun!  Our interactive Music Bingo host will play a variety of fun music and the participants will mark off the songs if it’s on their card.  We make custom bingo cards for each game, so every single game is different!

Spontaneous Foot Tapping Guaranteed!

Bingo Winner!
Pricing - How much does it cost?

We offer Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Pricing Options. Give us call to review which plan fits your facility the best!

How Many Can Play?

We print our bingo cards for each game as needed.  We can over a hundred people play at same time!