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How do you select the music that will be played at my event?

Feel The Beat’s DJ’s have an extensive music database of over 80,000 songs!  But it each song were played in it’s entirety at an average of 3.5 minutes long, that would be a over 4,000 hours of music.  So, we have to narrow it down just a little.

Your Requests – We want your input (But not a strict exact playlist) for your event.
DJ’s Experience – Your DJ will be able to look at the guests in attendance and play music for the demographic.
Guest’s Request – In advance or during event, we will do our best to play guests requests if they fit the event’s music needs.

Will you play dirty or inappropriate songs at my event?

No! We subscribe to a music service that supplies music to DJ’s and radio station all over the world.  The songs are edited for language, and extreme content, but not all content.  So our DJ’s take the time to play songs with appropriate content.  No songs with excessive content about sex, drugs or alcohol will be played at a teen or kids event.  HOWEVER, if you the client want to hear that music, you can override our clean music policy.  Just let us know in advance.