Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked question when hiring entertainment.  If you have any additional questions that are not answered here – Give us a call at 205-678-0845.

Questions About DJ Services

How Much does it cost for a DJ to entertain at my event?

Pricing is based on a lot of factors – Location, length of the event, number of guests, equipment needed for the event.  With each inquiry about pricing, we will ask for the details and create a custom price based on your needs.


What will the DJ wear for my event?

The DJ will wear attire based on the event.

Weddings – Black On Black (Black Shirt and Black Pants Is our normal)  Sometimes, we may wear a suit or business casual for inside weddings.  For outside summer weddings, the DJ may wear a Polo Shirt and Dress pants.

All other Event types  – It depends on the event.  Either a long sleeved shirt with dress pants or a polo and dress pants or dress jeans if more casual event.

Summer Parties – Shorts and Polo or dress pants and polo shirt.

Will The Music Be Clean?

Feel The Beat subscribes to a music pool which supplies music to DJ’s and radio stations worldwide.  The songs are edited for language but not content.  This means that the songs DO NOT contain profanity but do contain content about Sex, Drugs and alcohol.  Feel The Beat rates each song in our database and looks at the content of the song and gives each song a rating from “G to” “X” .  A song that receives an X rating will not be played unless the parent, sponsor or host asks us to.

Who Will Be My DJ?

Feel The Beat DJ’s are both employee’s of Feel The Beat and Sub Contractors.  This allows you to request a specific DJ for your event.  Read the tons of reviews, ask your friends who used Feel The Beat.  There is a HUGE difference in a DJ who entertains at wedding reception and who entertains in a Dance club.  Some DJ’s are good at any type of event and some specialize in specific events like weddings.  There is a Fee to request a specific DJ.  This locks that DJ in for your event.  If you do not request a specific DJ, we will match one that is suited for your event type.

Can we give you a set list to play?

No.  Our DJ’s are trained and have the experience to play the right songs at the right time.  You can give us a “Request List” of songs to play from and our DJ will try to play as many as possible, but we can not guarantee that we will play every song you give us.

Do DJ's take breaks

Yes…… and No.  The DJ will never let there be “Dead Air” at the event.  What this means is the DJ may step away from his gear, but will make sure the music keeps playing.

Will The DJ Play My Requests?

Yes!  “Music is the Heartbeat of Life” is a quote we live by.  Every person has different tastes in music and we want to accommodate your tastes.  BUT…. remember, your DJ has the experience needed to play the right song at the right time.

What Time Will The DJ Arrive?

Each event is different.  Our smaller events will require the DJ to arrive typically 30 minutes before start time.  Our larger events in some cases will require the DJ to arrive many hours before start time.  We will discuss with you in advance an estimated arrival time for the DJ and crew to arrive.

How much experience do Feel The Beat DJ's have?

The owner of Feel The Beat, Danny Brewer has entertained at thousands of events of every type.  He works with each DJ on the Feel The Beat staff and the sub contractors on music, etiquette, microphone technique etc.  So the DJ that works with you on your event will be ready for your event.   The other DJ’s have been DJ’ing for 1 year up to 20 years.  Look at each DJ’s Bio to see their complete experience history.

Questions About Lighting Services

How Many Uplights Do I need?
Note: Feel The Beat Entertainment uses battery powered wireless uplights for most events.

Over the years, we’ve come up with three different perspectives on uplighting options:

1. Spot Coverage – Highlight the Corners of the Ballroom or behind the DJ or maybe the head table.

2. Partial Coverage – Highlight a Wall or opposite walls in the room or the columns

3. Full Coverage – Complete coverage of the entire ballroom

We know most of the venues in the area and can provide you with a good estimate of the lights needed.  However, if you would like to meet us at your venue, we can draw out a lighting plan for you and give you an accurate price quote.

Do you offer Cafe Lighting?

No, we decided to let that be done by a couple of companies here in town that do it and do it well.  Call us for reccomendations.

Do you do cake Spotlights?

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to do so.  You spend so much money on a beautiful cake and in a dimly lit room, you can’t even see it that well.  Pricing is based on location and ease of spotlighting the cake(s)

Do You Do Monograms?

Yes!  Monograms are a way to really enhance your event space.  However, some spaces just don’t offer that ability to do a monogram effectively.  We’ve been to almost every venue and can help you with a good monogram. However if we need to meet with you at your venue, we can show you good locations for the monogram.

Questions About Photo Booth Services

How Much Space Will You Need To Set Up Booth?

Typically, you will need a 10×10 area to set the booth up.  It can be setup in smaller area, but that might limit the group photos you might want to get.

Can we get extra prints?

During the event, our staff will move guests through quickly as possible.  If the booth slows down, the staff might be able to re-print a photo for you.

Otherwise, we will load all the full sized images onto our web site at so you can order additional prints or enlargements of a photo you would like to get.

How Many Photos Can You Take At An Event?

There is no perfect number we can give you on the number of photo sessions that can occur. When there is a line, our staff will move the guests though as quickly as possible.

Can We Give You Our Monogram Or Logo To Use?

Yes, The Photo Booth layouts are created in Adobe Photoshop to precise measurements for the layout.  Our designer can speak with you in advance to create the layout for your event.

For weddings, the monogram can match your projected monogram or your invitation – we’ll work with you on that.

Corporate Logos and Company colors – We can match colors in your logo or slogan to completely customize